Adama durch Ayelet über JAPAN 12.3.2011 engl

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Adama durch Ayelet über JAPAN 12.3.2011 engl

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Wenn Ihr das weitergebt, bitte nur mit Referenz – die Urheber sind etwas empfindlich was Copyright angeht)
Das Channelling stammt aus dem israelischen Zweigs des Telos-Netzwerkes.

Channeling from Adama regarding Japan March 12, 2011

Ayelet Segal-Diamont, Channel for Telos-Israel
Shalom, this is Adama, High Priest of Telos
In these days Mother Earth is actively cleaning itself and so the changes are taking place. The Far East is an area that calls for cleansing process due to the dense and overloaded energy created by the environmental pollution which took place in the last few years according to your time. Japan is located in a very sensitive geographical zone. The fault deep in the ocean directly affects the island. This island, emerged to the surface many years ago, has to cope with the changes caused by the rising of the sea level and indeed large portions of the continents of Mother Earth will be covered in the next few years by massive waves. The shifts of the lands continue. Mother Earth is going through a change and with the energetic changes of the fifth dimension comes the geological ones. The surface of the planet will shrink for a while during a period of transition between the old and the new. Many souls, out of free will, are going back to the initial source of energy and from there continue their personal journey of growth. You must understand, beloved ones, not all Light beings and souls on this planet choose to remain here at this period of time. Many will currently have to deal with the most difficult lessons and solve their biggest karmas in order to clean the soul and continue onwards their growth into the fifth dimension. Whoever does not perform the work of Light will stay behind. Please understand, the choices based on free will were made on the highest levels and Mother Earth initiated a process that will last about fifty years. Most children born these days to your reality are coming with the intention to assist in the transformation and be part of the process. Some of them may choose to stay and build their homes in the fifth dimension. You, my dears, are the pioneers who spread the Light in order to accelerate the vibrations on this planet and help the Light beings in their efforts. Your gatherings contribute to re-balance the bodies so you are able to sustain the energies now penetrating the planet. The energies from the Central Sun are very powerful and strengthened so to help accelerating the processes on the surface of the Earth. That is how, my beloved, Mother Earth is balancing itself and additional events are expected in Europe as well. Tragedy in such magnitude which takes place in certain locations can shake up the ancient continent from its slumber. Africa is getting stronger and stronger as its going through the cleaning process over more than thirty years now, a process that is reaching its final stages. The cleansing process will continue on and on. Send Light to those places where changes are taking place, help the transformation to occur, send them the purple flame, together with the green and pink ones. Support the souls which are going through the transition. We are with you, dear ones, walking with you hand in hand towards the transition into the fifth dimension. Work with us as a team so we can continue helping the planet and its dwellers to go through the transition smoothly and with love and harmony. We are with you and congratulate you for the changes you are going through.
Farewell- Adama, High Priest of Telos
(Channeled by Ayelet, ©All right reserved to Telos Israel).
Prüfe, was du hörst oder liest, mit Herz und Verstand -
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